Application Packet

Code of Ethics

Confidentiality 1

Confidentiality 2

Clients Rights & Responsibilities

Direct Deposit Form

Employee Availability

Employee Mileage Log

Employee Policies & Procedures

Field Employee Standards

HR Info

Hepatitis Vaccine Requirement

Infection Control Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment

Paperwork links below require that you download the file and then you will be able to type in the the designated spaces to complete each form.  You will then need to email each completed form to the office.  Please contact the office at 913-663-9930 for help.

Job Acceptance

Kansas Authenticare

Missouri FCSR

Org Chart

Orientation Checklist

Patti Procedures

Personal Checklist

Privacy Policy

References Form

Skills Self-Assessment pg1

Skills Self-Assessment pg2

Statement of Good Health

Weekly Timesheet